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Latest News

Which smartphone has the best camera?

Alison needs to replace her smartphone and she wants one that will take good photographs in a wide range of lighting conditions

Continuing the theme from last week, I need advice on replacing my Huawei smartphone, following an unfortunate incident involving a car door. My phone is also my camera, so my main criterion is that it will take good shots in most lights. The Huawei, while fine in other ways, fell short in the photography department. I’d be interested in recommendations at different price points. Alison

Smartphone cameras are now amazingly good, and if you buy a top-end smartphone, it’s increasingly hard to take a bad photograph with it. We’ve therefore started to see some Darwinian-style speciation as manufacturers look for profitable niches. Over the past five years, we’ve seen more dual-lens cameras appear with extra wide angle or telephoto features. Some manufacturers have improved the front-facing camera to target people who mainly take selfies. Some phones are waterproof, like the Apple iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Environmentalism used to be about defending the wild – not any more | Mark Boyle
We’re domesticating areas instead of protecting them. Living without technology I’ve found my place in the natural world – and this path could be our salvation

Most of us find it easier to imagine a world without pine martens, honeybees, otters and wolves than one without social media, lattes, cheap flights and dishwashers. Even environmentalism, which was once motivated by a love of the natural world, now seems more concerned with finding slightly less destructive ways of enabling an overprivileged civilisation to carry on surfing the internet and buying laptops and yoga mats than it does with protecting wildlife from its ravenous jaws.

All the talk these days is about carbon and something obscure called “sustainability”. There’s much less talk about the kind of human-scale cultures we might want to foster, or why we would even want to help sustain a culture that requires the ransacking of every square centimetre of soil, forest, ocean, river and wilderness to survive. In its understandably pragmatic, green-lite approach to reducing emissions, it lost both its vision and its soul, forgetting that a movement without either is hardly pragmatic.

Related: Bored? No way. Ditching technology makes life complicated and beautiful | Mark Boyle

Related: Technology destroys people and places. I’m rejecting it | Mark Boyle

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Nokia 3310 review: blast from the past, sore thumbs and all

The hype for Snake, T9 texts and sleek design has turned the 3310’s relaunch into an event. But 2G connectivity and a rubbish camera bring you back to earth

The darling of Mobile World Congress and retro tech fans is finally here, but does the new Nokia 3310 live up the hype? Is it everything your rose-tinted view of the year 2000 is crying out for?

Not many things can genuinely be described as “iconic”, let alone pieces of technology that are here today and gone tomorrow. The original Nokia 3310, loved the world over for Snake, its apparent indestructibility and simplicity, is probably about as close as gadgets get.

Pros: week-long battery, headphone jack, microSD card slot, removable battery, camera, flash/torch, Snake

Cons: tedious T9, expensive, no Spotify, not many apps, 2G-only

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Is it still worth buying a Windows phone?

Mike is a happy Windows smartphone user and wants to upgrade to the latest operating system. Is this wise, or is the phone going the way of the BlackBerry?

I’ve been using a Microsoft Lumia 640 for the past couple of years and like it a lot. It works well with OneDrive and other Microsoft stuff, and was excellent value too! Looking to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, I see there is no longer much choice of phones. I fancy the Lumia 650 and could splash out on a 950, but is this wise?

I had an Android phone before that, which gradually ground to a halt, and my daughter uses iPhones, but they aren’t for me. I’m happy with Windows phones, but what’s happening with them? Will they go the way of BlackBerry? Mike

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Vodafone axes pager business 'based on ageing technology'

Operator had only about 1,000 customers left using mobile technology that became popular in the 1980s

Vodafone is to shut down its pager business after failing to receive backing from the competition watchdog to sell the dwindling division that relies on old technology popular in the 1980s.

The telecoms group said it was ditching plans to sells the business to Capita’s PageOne, and would instead close it after the Competition and Markets Authority announced plans to launch an in-depth investigation into the deal.

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4G mobile: UK urban areas with best and worst coverage revealed

London ranks 16th out of 20 big cities and towns, with coverage and download speeds varying wildly, says Which?

Middlesbrough has the best 4G mobile phone coverage in Britain while Bournemouth has the worst, according to a study of Britain’s biggest urban areas.

The report, published by consumer watchdog Which?, found the availability of 4G coverage and download speeds varies wildly across the UK’s 20 biggest cities and towns.

Related: UK 4G coverage is worse than in Peru. We need a minister for the internet | Charles Arthur

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